Vacu-Blend System

Vacuufeed Mixers
Vacuufeed Mixers

The Scott Vacu-Blend system offers the benefits of an inline mixer, coupled with the advantage of using vacuum to pull powders and solids into the fluid stream. The Vacu-Blend has simplified the addition of powders into liquids for the food, cosmetic, personal care, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Ingredients are pulled in through a wand or an integrated conical hopper, and then processed through the sanitary Vacu-Blend System. Scott Mixer has eliminated the traditional venturi that causes the clogging and cavitation problems that slow down production processes.

The Vacu-Blend System is designed to disperse, hydrate, and de-agglomerate dry ingredients into a fluid stream producing a smooth homogeneous product. The Vacu-Blend system is operated by:

  • Dumping the dry ingredients into the hopper
  • Turning on the Vacu-Blend
  • Opening the powder feed valve

Our Vacu-Blend systems are efficiently integrated into fixed or portable cart models. The systems include a sanitary vacuum pump feeding either our sanitary High Shear Pump or High Shear Mill. All components are mounted, plumbed, and wired to a single control box that is UL approved. STM offers these systems in NEMA 4 for sanitary applications, and we are the first in the industry to offer an Explosion Proof UL approved panel design as a standard model.

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