Top Mounted Mixer

Mixing from 1 to 12,000 Gallons

Top Mount

The Scott Top Mounted mixer design has revolutionized the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, personal care and chemical manufacturing industries.  By using our unique Turbon head technology, Scott has successfully reduced batching times up to 90%, while increasing the consistency and quality of finished products.  In addition, Scott mixers often allow our customers to increase product shelf life by creating tighter emulsions and smaller droplet sizes.

The Top Mounted mixing system is based on flexibility since the customer can select one of three standard Turbon heads for batch production depending on the amount of shear needed for the application.  Our Top Mounted mixers can also be fitted with special heads such as dispersers and small impellers.  Scott Top Mounted mixers can also be operated “dry” without causing equipment failure. In addition, all head assemblies allow for easy removal or clean in place; thus, reducing cleaning time to just a few minutes.

Scott Top Mounted mixers can be fitted on open or closed top tanks, totes and drums.  If you’re in need of a complete mixing system, Scott Turbon Mixer (STM) can supply a Mixing Module with a warranty and process guarantee; or we can work with your preferred tank supplier. STM, with its UL stamp, can integrate electrical controls, PLC touch screen displays, and ingredient automation into your complete mixing system.  From mixer to a turn-key system, we are here to serve you.

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