Salad Dressing Systems

Simply Unprecedented

Look no further if you seek serious, continuous production equipment for dressing and sauce manufacturing. Scott Mixer creates stainless steel mixing systems that have the capability to produce 1,200 gallon batches of mayonnaise or dressing in less than ten minutes without any further processing.

Efficiency: We’ve set the bar

Scott salad dressing systems can infuse your plant with the next step of production efficiency. Our salad dressing systems fluidly combine both batching and ingredient staging by incorporating pallet un-loading into a single processing environment. Using a Scott mixing system will result in a plant that dramatically cuts production costs and time.

This uniquely designed system offers the flexibility of mixing dressings in single or multiple tanks with one mixer head; thus making a batch system continuous.

Scott mixing systems include mixer, tank, electrical controls, and fitted operator’s deck.  These decks include optional automatic loading gates for efficiency and operator safety. 

Fitted Tote Dumps can also be added to further increase efficiency in the batching process by reducing ingredient addition time.

Please contact us for more information regarding your application!